Saturday, April 25, 2015

Tale of a Certain Age

Hi, it's Trevor and we realize, this is our first blog post of the year. Brenda and I have been busy, with life in general. She has had some great things happen and also a few medical challenges.

We will touch on some highs and lows, before we get to our tale. Brenda was asked to be a guest on Rick Franzo's radio show, Brain Tumor Talk: Worldwide Radio Show back in February. She had the time of her life and Trevor here, got quite the mention. She had an opportunity to not only share her brain tumor journey, but was also allowed to share about her living with rheumatoid arthritis (RA) and her work with CreakyJoints and Christine's Kids, where I am their MASCOT. The reason she was allowed to share both, is because her creativity: writing, having me as part of her life, was a result of her having her brain tumor removed. It changed her life.

On to her medical challenges. Her teeth once again have been giving her problems and the result was 2 extractions, one of which was a recent root canal. It has been determined that root canals will no longer be a part of Brenda's life, as there just seems to be something about living with inflammatory arthritis and the pain that is not worth keeping teeth, that have and could again become abscessed and infected.

On with our tale. Brenda turned 55 years-old on January 9th. Age has never been a problem for her. In fact, her new tag line has been: 55 and Fabulous. She does not look her age and she is told that all of the time. The problem she has been experiencing is how some who are younger, can sometimes make you feel like you don't know as much. Let me tell you folks, with age comes WISDOM and maybe a few gray hairs, which again does not bother Brenda. She had a conversation with a very wise person who told her that having gray hairs was a sign of WISDOM. They should know, as their hair is white, just like her Mom's was. It seems that this trend is also becoming a fashion statement. Brenda is just happy, that hers is natural. BOL This blog is also the result of conversations, that she had this week, with 2 very special ladies, that she admires very much.

Brenda works in many different capacities. She has a full-time job, which she really enjoys. She has worked in the medical field for well over 30 years, so she is comfortable and has been told on countless occasions, that she is very knowledgeable by several on her medical team. That is one of the reasons she became a RA patient advocate, because of her background and now she was ready to go to the next level of speaking out. This has continued to evolve with CreakyJoints, as she also has joined Seth's 50 State Network and became a Regional Outreach Manager last year. She is also the editor of the Poet's Corner (& Artists too), where I also have been sharing my Barks of Gold. I have been told that I will be having a bigger part, as to help alleviate the load for Brenda. Always happy to do my doggone best, so I be sure and get my bones. BOL

Although Brenda enjoys doing this type of work very much, there seems to be a divide or a split in the chronic illness community. People approach living with their illnesses in different ways. Brenda has read your various blogs and how you choose to deal and now, we are going to share our perspective, on how we approach it.

Brenda has had countless setbacks happen. The loss of family members, The reason she does all of this, is because of a promise she made to her Mom while she was dying, to live her life and grab what she wants. She had no idea what that meant. She really thought her Mom's death would destroy her and it very well easily could have. She was fortunate enough after several months, around the holidays of that year, to see an opportunity to get involved with something, as simple as sending in a photo of your hand. She was so excited to be a part of something, that may seem of little or no significance to you, but it meant the world to her. She was contributing.

When asked last year, if she would like to become a Regional Outreach Manager for CreakyJoints, as she was also told, that it would be a great fit with the Poet's Corner, she jumped at the chance. She has enjoyed it, as this is right up her alley, being able to communicate to others, meaning those who live where she does. Most people she works with, are aware of her RA and working in the medical field does have its advantages. As far as the technology, she has adapted well over the years. She works on the computer all day at work, scanning documents into patient's charts, as their clinic went electronic several years ago.

Now to elaborate a bit on the divide that I mentioned above. Brenda approaches her living with RA with positivity and trying to make the best of things. I really want to go into her Sunshine Saturdays, but we will leave that for another post. Basically a day when Brenda sets aside to have a day of positivity and make the best out of any given situation. She has had 2 so far and they have been quite amazing.

I am really getting off course here, as I was explaining about this divide. This is where the age of experience comes in. No matter how long we have lived with our chronic illness, it is something that we probably will have to deal with lifelong, so why not try and make the best of it? Sure, Brenda has times when she is really feeling attacked by her body, but that is when you take the time to rest. She feels it is counterproductive to talk about it 24/7 and every time you meet with someone. There is a time and a place. Having grown up as Brenda did, in very modest circumstances, she realizes that there has to be a work around some things, to help make them easier. She didn't have the latest and greatest of things at her disposal. She tells me that if you wanted something bad enough, you had to work for it. You appreciated it more that way. That is why Brenda appreciates all that has been bestowed upon her, and that means even her illness. Yes, you heard that correctly. Living with RA and also her brain tumor journey have become blessings for her. I don't think if she hadn't had the experience of a brain tumor, this blog would not be in existence and neither would good old Trevor, here. BOL

Brenda has just as much to offer as anyone who is younger or thinks they have the world by the tail. Let me tell you this in all seriousness, respecting your elders or those who possess WISDOM, is one of the greatest things you can do. She remembers a man she knew years ago, that would say how much he enjoyed being around those who possess this type of WISDOM.

Brenda still enjoys going to rock concerts. She is going to one next month and is so excited. She recently got herself a DVD set of The Little Rascals, which she has been enjoying immensely. She hopes to always possess that INNER CHILD, but she also has been endowed with WISDOM, so don't count her out just yet.

Even though she does work with people that are younger than her on many projects and even her work, she does ultimately REPECT them.

Brenda has always been the type of person who is willing to learn new things, but she finds that she does need to know everything. That is what makes us unique and why would we all want to be the same anyway? Would make for a pretty dull existence, now wouldn't it?

So for those of us that are of a CERTAIN AGE, bask in the WISDOM and enjoy your education and for those younger, learn from the former, as you one day will be there also.

That's it for this time. This is Trevor, The Tell Tale Dog, wishing you PEACE & UNDERSTANDING.

Sunday, December 21, 2014

A Tale of Helping Others

Trevor here, once again. It has been many months, since we last updated you. Much has been going on in Brenda's life. Some good and some, not so good. We want to bring out here, that even in the not so good things that have occurred, she was able to get through those, because of help from many kind people.

That is going to be the premise of this blog post, helping others.

Brenda went through, what we have referred to, as a year of medical challenges. It started out with a colonoscopy, where they found something not quite right, so they biopsied. Her surgeon, who is also a friend, just wanted to make sure they were not missing anything. He cared enough about Brenda, to take that extra step. We are happy to report that it turned out to be nothing serious, but being cautious is always a good thing particularly, because there is a family history.

Next was her saga with her teeth. We touched on this before in another blog, which you can check out. 'A Tale of 2 Teeth' She recently had a root canal, but again, she had someone who knew the urgency of this problem and it was taken care of promptly.

She did land in the ER with a sudden attack of benign positional vertigo (BPV), which scared her, because she didn't know what was going on. Her heart was racing, so they thought it was anxiety. Now, if you were going through something like this and had no idea what was going on, wouldn't  you be a bit anxious? I would bet my bones, that I would be. This problem has certainly become worse since her brain surgery, and it is just something that she needs to adjust to. She has been doing exercises to help move the crystals that move around in the inner ear, to help alleviate this problem. Sometimes it helps and other times, she just has to take something to get her through it.

She has recovered well from her basal cell carcinoma that she had removed from her right nose, along with a skin graft taken from her forehead. Again, this is all explained in a previous blog post, 'A Tale of a Nose,That Keeps Growing'. She goes back next month for a six month skin check, as her chances of developing another BCC have become higher now. Her dermatological surgeon was great and he couldn't be happier with the results, as is Brenda.

Brenda continues to live with rheumatoid arthritis (RA), but that doesn't seem to slow her down much, as she manages to keep busy helping others. Now, on to our tale. Brenda became a Regional Outreach Manager this year with CreakyJoints. (just love that name, BOL) What this consists of is, brainstorming together with others to develop ways to reach out and make it inviting for others to want to join CreakyJoints and get involved with research, etc. Brenda has been doing her part with talking with people right in her own backyard and trying to come up with ways to be able to share materials and also promoting the Poet's Corner (& Artists Too), where she is the editor. I help out there also, with my Barks of Gold. BOL

She also has been working on Seth's 50 State Network, where the focus is on advocacy. She just wants to be there to help others out, who may be shy about sharing their story. You see, Brenda has done this and as she tells me, it can be so empowering to tell your own story.

Brenda has always wanted to help others. She never has asked for anything in return. I am going to though. Brenda is going through a difficult time right now. It has been a tough year, as you can see from all that she has gone through. As I said though, she had a lot of help to get her through it. She has a great health care team. She also needs friends. It's hard to be isolated and feel so alone. Brenda has done so much for others. At times, her help was not needed or appreciated. That's just how life is, but that doesn't mean she will give up.

This time of year especially is difficult. She has no family that is near by. She has been keeping in touch with her sisters, but they are far away. Christmas will be spent alone, as the past several years have been. This is just a reality. Brenda will however, plan to make a day for herself on Christmas Eve, by going to the mall, as she had done the past several years.

She has also helped out others by giving to various charities. There are some great ones out there. Do your research. Helping others, does really help yourself. It makes you feel good, that you are doing something for those less fortunate than you. This time of season, should be about giving and helping others, not getting. I think, we lose sight of that.

We want to wish all of our readers, a very Merry Christmas and a great New Year to come!

This is Trevor, The Tell Tale Dog, leaving you with this, BE A HELPER!!

Friday, August 22, 2014

A Tale of a Nose, That Keeps Growing

Hello, it's Trevor, The Tell Tale Dog, to share another story of Brenda's life.
In fact, this is actually going to be 3 stories, surrounding the same subject,
her nose.

Brenda had the great pleasure of taking an online writing course that CreakyJoints
(I love that name) offered, taught by author, Lynn Lauber last summer. Here is an
excerpt from that story. This will be in my own words. I hope good old Trevor
here, can do it justice. BOL

Brenda's Mom, had told her this story many times. It seems while she was in the
nursery, the nurses would just stare at her nose, because it was turned up a tiny
bit and thought it was the cutest thing.

Her Mom always thought that her nose was her best feature, and when her deviated
septum was discovered years later, she was afraid of what might happen, to as she
put it "her beautiful nose." It was just a nose to Brenda that apparently got in the
way of a door, when she was in grade school and ended up breaking her glasses
in half. Apparently, she grew some excess cartilage, and that is why she ended
up with a deviated septum.

It was starting to cause sinus issues and bad headaches. The surgery was a success
and all an inside job, so her beautiful nose was still intact. She just sometimes has
problems getting glasses to fit properly because of the excess, that they took from
the bridge of her nose. As for the sinus issues, they came back in full force when
she was prescribed Methotrexate for her RA. Even though she no longer takes it,
her sinus issues remain, as that was confirmed by an ENT specialist. He did say
however, that whoever did her nose surgery did a nice job because it was so nice
and clean.

One thing her plastic surgeon said to her that could happen and it did, was a
perforated septum, which is hard to avoid. He said it would look like someone
who had snorted cocaine. She has 2 holes inside her nasal cavity, that she didn't
realize were there, until it was pointed out by another ENT specialist. You can't
see them unless you look real close into a mirror.

Several months ago, when she went to her PCP, she mentioned that she had this
lesion on the right side of her nose, that just wasn't healing. Brenda knew deep
down, that this was probably a type of skin cancer. She remembers in school
being told that if you ever develop a sore and it doesn't heal over time, it
probably is cancer. She had this for over a year, just thinking at first, that it
was just a deep pimple, and just needed to come to a head and would go
away. That was not the case here. It would bleed at times and was hard to
stop and it looked ugly. So when her PCP said, it looked like basal cell,
which is the most common kind of skin cancer and the most treatable,
she was not surprised.

She was sent to a dermatologist, initially for a shave biopsy, where the result
came back as a basal cell carcinoma. She was then referred to a dermatologist
who specializes in the MOHS procedure, where they take a layer of skin and
then look under the microscope, to see if they got all of the cancer. If not, this
is repeated again, until this is accomplished.

Brenda had the procedure done on August 21st and thankfully, they got all of
the cancer, with just removal of the first layer. She did have to wait about an
hour for the result.

The next step is to repair or reconstruct the area, that the MOHS procedure was
performed on. There was no way they could take any skin from her nose, as
she has small nostrils and it would be difficult to breathe. There were several
options and all of this was explained to Brenda. Those discussed were around
her cheek, and behind her ear. None of these sounded appealing to Brenda. They
discussed her skin tone and wanting to match as closely as they could, so it was
decided mutually, to take from her forehead, as this was a pretty good match,
with regard to skin tone, pores, etc.

Of course this will not be a 100% match, so the surgeon suggested, she use
some type of cosmetic concealer.

She ended up with about 7 stitches and she has to cleanse the wound area
twice a day, as well as change a dental roll, in her right nostril daily.

She is doing pretty well, with minimal pain, which she has pain pills on hand,
to use if needed. She has taken a couple and will for sure at bedtime. She
cannot lift, push or pull, anything greater than 10 pounds for 2 weeks. Only
bending with the knees. She has pretty much everything set up high, so she
doesn't have to be concerned about bending over.

She had a wonderful dermatological surgeon, who explained every step in
great detail. They even shared a laugh or two, along the way.

This MOHS procedure has a 98% cure rate. You really cannot get much better
than that, can you?

This is Trevor, signing off, but before I do, we just want to thank everyone for
your prayers, phone calls, cards and positive thoughts, during this time. Brenda
is going to rest and regain her strength and go on, just like she always does. She
is getting geared up for her 6th Craniversary on September 8th. This blog is a
result of her becoming a brain tumor survivor in the first place, so she has a
lot to celebrate and look forward to.

Friday, May 30, 2014

A Tale of a Brain Tumor Warrior

Hey folks, it's Trevor here once again sharing another book review. This one is
going to be a lot of fun to do. This particular person's book has had a big impact
on so many people in the brain tumor community.

So without further ado, we have a surprise for a very special person. He happens
to think I rock and just for that, he certainly will get a dog bone, I mean a great
review. BOL

The book is titled, How Horseshoes Saved My Life: A tale of two brain tumors,
by Rick Franzo.  Brenda became friends with Rick through his group that he
started, Brain Tumor Talk. Wonderful title isn't it? Anyway, he had been working
on writing this book and asked Brenda if she would like to see a rough not (ruff)
draft? BOL I'm a dog, so ruff would make sense to me.

So she read it and couldn't put it down. She just knew this was going to be a great
book when it was published.

She has spoken with Rick on the phone several times and one time, he asked her
if should would be interested in sharing her story on his new radio program, that
he was starting? It was going to be called, Catch The Brain Wave, another great
title. Of course, Brenda said yes. He actually shared her story not too long ago
and even sent her the DVD to be able to listen to it on her computer. Now wasn't
that kind?

Okay, I know we got a little sidetracked here, but he also sent her the book with
an autograph inside. Brenda always tries to get autographs from authors of books,
if she can. She has quite a collection from others she has connected with on social

This book was pawtastic! Brenda was cheering and even crying as she read it. I
could see, as I was watching her very carefully.

Rick went through so much and truth be told, he shouldn't even be alive. It was
truly a miracle that he was playing horseshoes that day. I see where the luck comes
in, but I really don't believe in luck, but he was definitely at the right place that
particular day.

He had noticed that things were a little off, but you don't normally run to your
doctor for every little thing. I don't even like to run to the vet, for a normal visit.
Okay, back to our story. Anyway, he decided that he'd better go see what was
going on. Never in his wildest dreams, did he think, he would be diagnosed
with a brain tumor.

So he went through the shock and disbelief of all of that. He had a wonderful
supportive family and many friends, that was so beautifully illustrated by all
the kind acts that were accomplished.

We don't want to give the whole story away, but Rick did not come out of the
surgery as he had hoped and actually had to learn to walk again, which he did.

He is a fighter and he is now battling a second brain tumor. Just for point of
reference, he had the same type of brain tumor that Brenda had, a meningioma.
His had grown to critical mass. Sounds so scary, which it was and had he not
been playing horseshoes that day, he could have had a grand mal seizure or
even could have gone into a coma and died.

We are so happy that did not happen. Brenda has been so blessed by Rick's
friendship and how he has helped so many with advocating. He really is
quite the speaker. I got to listen to him on YouTube.

So you see, even though this was a very horrible thing that happened in a
brain tumor warrior's life, he turned it all around. He went through his times
with depression. I think we all would have. He was just showing his human
side and that makes you appreciate him even more.

I would like to offer my congratulations on a job well done and I personally
give this book FIVE BARKS!!!!!

We hope you have enjoyed this wonderful story of a brain tumor warrior, who
I would gladly share my dog bones with.

Saturday, May 10, 2014

A Tale of 2 Teeth

Hi, Trevor here once again, to share another tale of Brenda's life. This is going to be
about 2 teeth, that have been her nemesis for many years.

Our title was inspired by the great author, Charles Dickens, with his Tale of Two Cities.
We promise you, ours will not be that long. BOL

It did start many years ago, with a nerve dying in one tooth, so a root canal was performed,
by a dentist who specializes in them. By the time this was all said and done, several dentists
and specialists will have been involved in this case. This was very complex to say the least.

So she had the root canal performed almost on the wrong tooth, as he decided before starting,
to test the nerves and low and behold, it was the tooth next to it. A crown was put on later and
it seemed to be alright.

Then the next tooth, the one that almost got a root canal in the first place, starting aching bad,
so they decided to put a crown on it. She was told that a root canal was possible down the
line, which did end up happening.

Both of these teeth had been aching on and off for over 10 years. That is a long time to be
dealing with pain. Brenda as you know, also lives with rheumatoid arthritis, so she has long
felt, that there was a strong connection, dealing with this saga.

Finally this year, both of these teeth started aching with such a vengeance, that something
was going to have to be done.

It started with the one crown shifting and having it re-cemented. She thought that would be
it, but no, that is when this all started to get worse. It seems that tooth was so badly fractured,
no wonder it was so painful.

Her regular dentist decided to send her to a specialist, as he thought he would be able to spot
something, that he was missing. She had extensive x-rays and the news was, that neither
tooth could be saved. They would first need to be extracted and then done the line, dental
implants (which thankfully will not be happening) but more on that later.

She was referred to an oral surgeon for consultation on what to do with these horrible teeth.

She was in horrible pain and needed to be medicated until she was to see him, which was
several weeks yet.  So they put her on Ibuprofen, 3 tablets every 6 hours and also a pain
medication. She had already been put on an antibiotic, that tore her stomach up pretty
good. She was really concerned about all of these pills and what they would end up
doing to her stomach. She faired pretty well, considering.

She was put on another 2 weeks of another antibiotic, as they just wanted to keep that
infection at bay. Speaking of infections, they meant Brenda could not take her biologic
for over a month. You can not take a biologic, anytime you have an infection or the

This was very difficult for Brenda and I heard her cries many times and saw many
tears, throughout this whole ordeal. There is pain and then there is tooth pain. There
is nothing like it.

So she finally saw the oral surgeon, who she really liked. He was very honest and told
her, that those 2 teeth need only to be extracted and that the implants were not
necessary. Fine with Brenda, just get these teeth out ASAP.  She explained that her
RA was progressing and that the teeth were hurting bad, so she got an appointment
to get in the next week. Hooray! 

So on May 8th, which was also the same date, 23 years ago, that she was diagnosed
with RA, she had those 2 teeth extracted.

It was to be at 1:00 p.m. but ended up being after 4:00 p.m. because the oral surgeon
was delayed. She didn't care, as long as they got done that day.

She was numbed up and several shots given, which was the worst of it. He told her
she didn't even flinch. This was after she told him, she was tough. Yes, she is! 

The first one came out just fine, which she got a glance of it. No wonder it hurt, it
was ugly.  The second one, which was the one that was fractured came out in pieces.
There was a little pus that came out too, but it was decided that no antibiotics at this
time, because he did not want to rip up her stomach. She was given the green light
to go back on her biologic. WOO HOO! 

It has now been several days since the procedure and Brenda is doing pretty well.
She has only had to take one pain pill so far and she has been icing, rinsing with
salt water and getting lots of rest. This has taken a lot out of her. It has been a
long road, emotionally and health wise.

The stitches should dissolve within 7 to 10 days and she should be well on the road
to recovery by then.

She did have a discussion with her oral surgeon after about her feelings that this whole
saga, was much worse, because of her living with an inflammatory disease. He actually
agreed this was possible. Come on, would the average person go through this with 2
teeth after the nerves should be dead? I don't think so. This had to be related to what
she believes was systemic, as it did involve her entire body, as it was at war.

She tolerated the procedure very well and he told her that. She just kept telling herself
even has he was pulling them, that she could do this. She told me, it was strange having
to listen to that noise, as he was pulling them. It didn't hurt and he was so concerned about
that, which was great.

She went back to work the next day and was pretty tired after a full day. She took two
naps and has slept even more this weekend. This did take a lot out of Brenda, as I mentioned

We are glad this is over and until next time, this is Trevor, The Tell Tale Dog, reminding
you to see your dentist regularly.

Saturday, April 5, 2014

A Tale of Tragedy

Hi, Trevor here once again, to bring our long awaited tale, that we have been
promising you.

This is going to be about things that Brenda is very passionate about. We ask
that you read, with an open heart and mind. Brenda is very tenderhearted, but
at the same time, she is also very passionate.

She has gone through so much in the past three years. Brenda has been touched
by tragedy in the form of 4 deaths in her family. She lost her beloved Mom, which
she thought would destroy her, but someone came into her life just at the right time,
and truly helped her see, that she still had some fight left in her. We don't want to
say that he actually saved her life, but in a real sense he did, metaphorically that
is. RA Guy was responsible for her getting back in the saddle, yes I love my westerns.

He had a vision called "Show Us Your Hands!" If you have been our followers of our
posts, you know what this is all about. We are not going to go into great detail here,
so you can check out our previous blog posts. That would be in 2012. That was a great
year for Brenda, when she became a true advocate and began her journey, along a
new path.

So with this new gig of her advocacy, Brenda has had a chance to get in front of the
camera, do a newspaper interview, she has been featured in several YouTube videos,
and last year, she testified at the ND State Capitol. As I am writing this, she is looking
at me with amazement, for all that has happened.

She also wants to thank one person, who made her working with CreakyJoints possible.
Brenda is a big believer in timing. You have heard her say this many times. She made
a phone call on a Monday evening, not realizing the time change and just by chance, a
man by the name of Louis Tharp answered. He just happened to be working late that
evening, and they ended up talking for over 30 minutes. She never even gave him, her
name, just said she was from ND. Well again, this is all explained in our previous blog
posts, but she just wanted to publically thank Lou, who has since become a friend, as
she also works with the CreakyJoints newsletter, as Editor of the Poet's Corner (& Artists

We just wanted to give you a little background, as to want drives Brenda each day. It
often takes a tragedy to see what is really important in life. The other side of the coin
is, things that also anger and disgust Brenda.

There has been much discussion on social media about the use of marijuana for medicinal
purposes. There has also been some heavy discussion on the use of narcotics. Here is the
thing folks, if you live with chronic pain, Brenda believes in the right and passage,
to be using these mediums. She would like to see legalization of marijuana in her state.
Some of you are gasping I am sure. She doesn't want it to get high, so don't be so quick
to judge, if you have not lived with chronic pain. She knows people who have seizures,
for which this has helped.

The other thing is the use of narcotics. Some who use these, are not ADDICTS! They know
how to use them, as for some, this is the only quality of life. Now the real tragedy is,
when you enter your pharmacy and you are told that you are restricted to the amount
that you can receive. She realizes there are drug seekers out there, but why should the
rest of the population who uses narcotics responsibly, have to suffer? This makes her
blood boil. Brenda herself does not use narcotics, but that is not to say, that there may
come a time, when she may have to. Brenda does however, suffer with chronic
motion issues, since her brain surgery. Her nausea is really bad some days and I
am really concerned, she may fall and hurt herself, when she feels unsteady. She has
tried, but it has been unsuccessful, with going to a balance clinic, as she could not
even complete the tests, as she became so sick. There is definitely a problem, but
they just cannot seem to get to the bottom of it. She would like the chance to see if
trying marijuana could at least alleviate this. She is not talking about smoking it,
but to get it in another form and just enough to help with relief. I want to ask our
readers, do you live with vertigo or constant nausea? We are talking every day.
Brenda doesn't live with vertigo, as she was tested for that, but the nausea is a
horrible thing to live with. There are days when Brenda just has such a hard time
dealing with this. Brenda does live with chronic pain, so she does truly
understand, what others are up against in this battle.

So ask yourself, if you or someone you love suddenly was diagnosed with an
inflammatory condition, that would be chronic, wouldn't you want them to be
comfortable? Of course you would.

I know we are definitely stepping on some toes here. We really do not care about
that. Brenda believes that we should all have a chance, at a quality of life. If you
firmly believe that we only want these drugs to get high, when we only want
relief from our pain, than that my friends, is the real tragedy.

I am going to stop there, as we hopefully have given you a lot to digest.

This is Trevor, The Tell Tale Dog, until next time, signing off.

Saturday, March 29, 2014

A Tale of a Book Review

Hi, it's Trevor here again. Sorry we have been absent for a while, but Brenda
has been real busy and also has not been feeling that great. She is doing better
now, so were are going to be doing something different this time. We are going
to be sharing a book review.

Brenda just read a wonderful book titled,"Until Tuesday: A Wounded Warrior
and the Golden Retriever Who Saved Him," by Fmr. Army Capt. Luis Carlos Montalvan.

Now any story about a golden, you know I would be all ready to read, if I could. BOL
Brenda told me all about this wonderful bond between Tuesday and a wonderful man
named Luis.

I have heard of service dogs before, and how they really can change the lives of people,
who are struggling, as Luis definitely was. He had come back from Iraq, where he had
sustained a spinal cord injury and also a traumatic brain injury (TBI). Just for our readers
here, it just happens to be National Traumatic Brain Injury Awareness Month, so this is
pretty cool to be sharing this review with you.

Anyway, until Luis connected with this wonderful golden named Tuesday, his life did
spiral into darkness.

Tuesday was also experiencing some traumas of his own. That is why this match was
so very special. They really did heal each other.

I love how Luis takes such good care of Tuesday. They are two gentle souls who
found each other, when they needed to.

I hear that a Kleenex is needed, while reading this wonderful book. I saw Brenda sobbing
a time or two, while reading.

She could relate to so much, because as you know, she is a brain tumor survivor and there
are certain things that bother her too. She felt a real connection to this author and yes, she
even wrote him, as well as put a book review on

This is simply a story of a wonderful bond between two lost souls who found each other,
when the time was right.

Five Barks!

This is Trevor, The Tell Tale Dog, until next time reminding you, to reach for the stars.